A list (in no particular order) of artists I’ve had the privilege of working with as of recent. The collaboration projects have not yet been released, but you can expect these records in the near future. There are more names to the list of course, that I couldn’t include, but you get the idea haha.

If you’re lookin’ for any help with ANYTHING music related: HOOK, VERSE, BRIDGE, INTRUMENTAL- I could even PEN up a whole record for you.. so yeah, I mean ANYTHING. HIT MY DUDE @ROOTSRAWKA for more info, and that goes for inquiries about my toko @MAKISIMUSIK. But ONLY if you’re SERIOUS! Doesn’t matter if you’re “BIG TIME” or you’re UPCOMING- I’m willing to put in the #WORK if you are.

..and ONE more thing to add on top of all that… DON’T bother DM’n ME from this point. That’s lazy- and I f•ckin’ HATE lazy ass people. PERIOD. KOIA PE, MALO.
MUSIC & SEX are one in the same.

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Native Tongues

About 5–10% of people from Melanesia, a group of islands northeast of Australia, have naturally blonde hair — the highest prevalence outside Europe. Yet people from the region have the darkest skin pigmentation outside Africa.
Source: (divineblu.tumblr.com)

Symphony in white - Bruno Di Maio

Madlib & Quasimoto on the cover of UK’s Bonefide Mag, Issue 9, August 2014.